This is a subject close to our hearts!  We really do believe that too much prolonged sitting, whether it’s in the workplace or leisure, is not good for our health.  It’s a subject we have been following closely, not least because of the research and copywriting we have done for COBA Europe’s e-book #StandUpForHealth.  Our client COBA Europe is a manufacturer and supplier of safety matting (in particular anti-fatigue matting) – in other words they supply floor matting products that make standing safer and more comfortable.

Research suggests that we should be standing for at least two hours of our working day, gradually building that up to four hours, and that just two hours standing can burn an additional 100 calories.  If we work at a desk, we should try to move around every 30 minutes, even if we work out regularly at the gym.

Too much sitting and sedentary behaviour can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and is now being linked to other health risks, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. It’s all quite alarming we know, but a very good reason to schedule in some regular movement, changing posture as frequently as possible.  A sit-stand desk can be very handy for office workers and our client, COBA Europe, has just the anti-fatigue mat to make standing more comfortable in this situation in Orthomat Office.

We really recommend that you hop onto COBA Europe’s website to download the e-book and learn more about healthy sitting and standing.

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