Words are powerful. We all know that words can heal and hurt, criticise and praise, encourage or discourage. Words stir many emotions, both in a positive and negative way. That is why the wording we use in our marketing communications, and the content we publish on our websites or social media accounts, is pivotal to how people perceive a company, a brand, product or service.

The words in our copywriting, and the tone of voice we use (along with powerful imagery) can certainly influence consumer psychology.

So how do we find the right words, or write the best copy to excite, engage and communicate with our customers?

Appealing content, well-written, factual copy that connects with your customers.

A fundamental part of writing good quality copy, irrespective of whether it is for a brochure, a website or an e-shot, is to understand ‘who’ you are talking to. In other words, who is your target audience?

What would appeal to your potential customers? What sort of messaging would inspire your chosen audience to make an enquiry about your products or services, or even make a purchase (the latter being especially important for online sales).

It is helpful to visualise yourself as the customer, understand their challenges and requirements, and where possible provide a solution. Your copywriting in any marketing communication needs to ‘connect’ with your customers. It should make them interested (or better still) excited about what you are offering.

Are you too ‘close’ to your own business?

While you may know your business inside out (we hope you do!), it may sound silly but possibly you are simply too close to think outside the box?

Someone independent of the company, such as a PR or marketing consultant, can often see a business from a different perspective. They can be more objective about how you can engage with such an audience.

One method may involve market segmentation to categorise different customer groups or sectors. This way provides a strategy for communicating effectively with your main customer groups. It allows you to produce ‘tailored’ copy in a style that works well for each defined group.

Copywriting should be consistent in tone and style

Once you have defined who your target audience is, then a brand style and ‘brand tone of voice’ can be adopted across all marketing communications and platforms, to effectively engage with potential customers.

Consistency in terms of ‘tone of brand voice’ is important, as is quality of copy which should always be well-constructed and factually correct without spelling errors. We all make errors from time to time (it’s what makes us human!) but proofreading is an essential part of the copywriting process, so don’t skimp on it.

We all cringe when we see that mistake in any form of promotional material, especially if it is in a prominent position! The problem is, sloppy grammar or even the smallest of spelling errors, can sour the success of a marketing campaign. It looks unpolished and unprofessional, reflecting negatively on any business.

Copywriting services in Warwickshire and beyond

Investing in professional copywriting services is an investment in your brand.

Kingston PR is a small PR and copywriting business in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. We provide a range of copywriting services, as well as proofreading and professional editing. The latter is ideal for those clients who prefer to prepare their own material but recognise the value of a second opinion. What’s more, our fees are very reasonable making our services affordable for smaller businesses, and sole traders.

Working with clients in many different sectors, we write copy for all types of promotional materials and marketing communications including:

Press Releases

Let us produce an engaging press release to help get your latest news published in your chosen media. Our experience in magazine editing helps us to understand what editors and journalists really want to publish.

Editorials and Advertorial Copy

As journalists, as well as PR consultants and copywriters, we have all the experience to write interesting editorial features and advertorial copy. For example, you may have a trade magazine that you want to target, and would like to submit a professionally written article?

Website Content

We provide website content management services for a variety of clients. This can range from writing news posts for websites, to producing case studies and more in-depth content such as downloadable white papers, e-books and so on.

Brochure Copywriting

A quality brochure can speak volumes about your business. It of course requires investment in design and print, so why compromise on the copy? We can also co-ordinate the design and print if you prefer.

Newsletter Copywriting

Keep your customers (and prospects) up-to-date with all your latest news. And, while we live in a digital era, sometimes good old-fashioned print really works!

Social Media Management

We manage various social media accounts on behalf of our clients, who would otherwise find the task too time-consuming. We can help develop a social media strategy using the channels that best suit your business, and manage your accounts on your behalf thereafter.

So, whether you are looking for PR or copywriting services in Warwickshire, or you are based further afield, we can confidently assist you in elevating the profile of your business.

We are a small PR business in Leamington Spa with nearly 30 years in the industry, working with clients predominantly in the SME sector.

Please contact us to find out more.