A new year and a new decade, 2020 has well and truly arrived and we hope your new year’s resolutions are going well. Now, we have to confess that we have decided against ‘resolutions’ this year – instead we are adopting ‘new goals’ and ‘intentions’ for the business, which is edging ever closer to its 30th anniversary.

There is a lot of talk of about wellbeing in the workplace, (it’s a subject we frequently write about in the media) and we believe, like people, the health of a business should also be nurtured. Sometimes ‘baby steps’ are more effective and significant than ‘giant leaps’ for sustained growth and longevity. So, it is always our vision and intention to ‘nurture’ our clients when offering PR support for their projects.

This principle of ‘nurturing’ is pertinent to the way businesses portray their brand message and image through PR and marketing. While we can preach about the ‘perfect’ website or how it is essential to implement an ‘all singing, all dancing’ PR campaign, we also understand that companies should be realistic about such activities. For example, limited resources, whether human or financial, may restrict what can and can’t be practically achieved.

Extensive media coverage and advertising is only truly beneficial if companies can live up to their claims, or have the resources in place to deliver the products or services they promise. Negative feedback and coverage can soon have the adverse effect. Similarly, even the most impressive of websites are only effective if they are visible to users, and that means they also need to rank highly in search engines.

So, what are we saying here? As a PR consultancy, we make it our business to nurture the promotion of our clients’ brands both on and offline. We provide knowledgeable and friendly advice, developing publicity campaigns and strategies at a pace that clients are comfortable with.

We help our clients gain effective media coverage in print and online, while supporting them with website content, feature writing and social media activity. In other words, we help businesses to grow incrementally, offering as much or as little support as is needed along the way.

Our speciality is helping small to medium-sized businesses, providing them with professional, affordable and effective PR services on either a retained or ‘as needed’ basis. We are realistic about ‘goals’ and offer practical and friendly advice, that delivers tangible results.

If your intention for 2020 is to engage professional PR support, then please get in touch to see how we can assist.